General Assembly 2015

Top 10 reasons a congregation should have representatives at General Assembly


  1. Your leaders will have the opportunity to hear and see the diversity of the Disciple family first-hand.
  1. Your pastor will be inspired and recharged for ministry.
  1.  Your leaders will have the opportunity to learn about how our Church works and what is new and exciting.
  1. Your leaders will find out you are not alone by networking with Disciples from across the United States and Canada and meeting faith partners from around the world. Never been to assembly?
  1. Your leaders will have time to dream big for your own congregation.
  1. Your leaders will connect face-to-face with people in ministries that can help your work in your local congregation.
  1. Your leaders will hear world-class speakers on topics from innovation to faith formation in the learning communities and also attend Sunday afternoon workshops.
  1. Your leaders will have an opportunity to experience innovative worship and bring home new ideas.
  1. Your leaders can take the lead in Mission First!, to help set our future  key mission directions for Disciples together.
  1. Your leaders – and by extension you – will be inspired to SOAR! Register now

We are both glad and sad to announce the following Tall Oaks Camps are full and closed:

  • Grandparents 1, 2 and 3

  • Equestrian 1

  • Junior 2

  • CYF 1 and 2

  • Day Camp 1

  • Chi-Rho Activity Camp